Welcome to Biking Fearlessly! As I said on my front page, I am a novice, middle-aged biker who is rediscovering my love of biking. I have been posting my biking adventures on both Facebook and my weight loss blog, A Skinny Girl Inside, and a friend of mine so loved my stories she thought I should start telling them on a blog. She even thought of the title.

She was so impressed with my fearless efforts to get on my bike several days a week and just take off wherever my pedaling feet may take me.

The truth is, I’m terrified every time I leave the house on my bike. I’m afraid of crashing or falling over. I’m scared of hills, both uphill and downhill. I’m terrified I’ll get myself into a biking situation I cannot get out of. I’m afraid that I will bike so far out I will not have the energy or strength to bike back home.

With the exception of having a crash, I have done pretty much all of the above. I’ve run into walls, struggled uphill. Braked all the way down a hill. I biked so far out I had to take the subway most of the way home. I’ve managed to get lost on the bike trails in DC and had to use the navigation on my phone to get home.

I’ve been dehydrated. Run out of water. Biked on the hottest day of the year. I have been so tired I actually considered locking up my bike and taking an Uber home to get my car. Flat tires, popped chains. You name it.

Yet, several days a week before work, on weekends,  I get up, put my biking gear on, and pedal off into the great unknown.

Care to join me?