New Recruits!


That’s right, bikers recruit! Well, I kind of did today. A friend of mine, who has followed my journey from when I weighed 300 pounds to my current ongoing love affair with biking messaged me last week. I inspired him. He wanted me to go biking with him.

Thierry is in my writing group in Arlington, VA, aptly named, The Arlington Writer’s Group, hereafter known as AWG. He is a little older than me and has had some health issues off and on. He was nervous about wanting to bike again, as I was when I first started. Having a friend along definitely helps. It is fun, and it is encouraging. And it forces you to actually follow through with something you want to do but are a bit apprehensive about starting.

We were going to bike yesterday, but it barely made it over 40 degrees and was very windy. Not optimal conditions for biking, let alone starting to bike after a long, long hiatus. So we adjusted our plans to bike today since I was off work. I got up early and was at his place at 10am. We loaded up his bike onto my car, went tot he gas station to make sure our tires were full, then headed out to the W&OD trail.

He is definitely in much better shape than I was when I started biking. I could barely sit on my bike and had to practice regaining my balance my first time out. I rode 1.5 miles to my friend’s house and back and was exhausted. He had no problem getting started.

Today, Thierry and I rode 6.8 miles!!!

I have to say I’m impressed. I think we both did a great job. Granted, I normally do 8-10 miles when I got out, but still. For his first time on a bike in years, he did great!

I told him if he wants to bike next week to let me know. He may change his mind about the whole biking experiment after tomorrow. Today, I’m sure he’ll feel great. In a day or two, he may hate me. But for now, I have a new recruit!


2 thoughts on “New Recruits!

  1. epiphanettes says:

    It was great! I did not hit people, cars, buses or small animals. I did not fall. I did not run into anything, though one lamp post definitely threatened. And my $25 Salvation Army bike behaved splendidly. There will be more outings! Thanks so much Colleen!


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